Business Website Client Preparation Guide

I have put this guide together to help you choose the pages that you might need on your website and also to help you create and gather all the information you need that will be presented on your website.

I recommend this guide for business owners that require a website that is optimized to get more sales and clients for their business. 

Let’s work our way from the top.

Website Header

This is the top part of the website that will showcase your logo, contact details, and your menu. In most cases, your header will be global, meaning it will look the same throughout all of your pages.

The main purpose of the header is to showcase your brand/identity (with the help of your logo), show contact details (your email and phone number), and help your visitors navigate through your website (through your menu.)

Within your menu, you have the option to link to all of the pages on your website or jump to a specific section on any page.

It is important not to overload the header with too much information and to keep it as simple as possible.

Your Homepage

Your homepage is the main web page of the website and is also the most important. The homepage will also be located on the domain of your website.

The goal of your website’s homepage is to pique the interest of visitors and prompt them to delve deeper into the other pages of your website. Your homepage can also act like the sales page of your website to draw in more customers.

You can go through this part on the homepage and pick some of the sections that are applicable to your business. 

What information do you put on your homepage?

I had worked with many clients before and had the opportunity to analyze their websites to see why their website was able to convert more visitors into clients or sales. I came across a simple formula that works almost every time.

This formula is incredibly simple and repeatable and can work for almost any industry. In essence, it should show the final transformation that is possible when your visitors will work with you.

The first part of your homepage will be the hero section:

Create a great impression with a hero section

When people land on your website, you will have around 3 to 5 seconds to let them know exactly what you do and why it should matter to them. If someone cannot figure out what you do in 5 seconds, then you will lose them forever.

Let me introduce the “hero section.”

This section is going to be on your homepage and will be located under your header. It is usually a large image with a headline, sub-headline, and a button. The hero section is going to be the first impression that people will have of your brand, so it has to accomplish several things at once:

  • It has to tell people exactly what you do.
  • Why that helps them.
  • What they need to do to get it.

Let’s start with the headline and sub-headline:

The headline on the hero section should be based on the desire you can help your clients achieve. Let me show you a 3-point formula that I like to use.

  • Tell them the transformation that you’re promising.
  • Tell the problem you solve.
  • Say exactly what you do and how your visitor will benefit from it.

The sub-headline is a clarification statement that should work with the headline to add more clarity as to what you do.

Tell your visitors what to do with the help of a call to action.

You can add a call to action button under your subheading within your hero section. Now would be a good time to tell your customers what you want them to do. You can lead them to your contact page, where they can schedule a consultation.

Get more specific, citing actual services or products

Now that your visitors have a clear idea as to what you do, you can now tell them more about what you have to offer. When crafting your value proposition, it is important to get a bit more specific, citing actual services or products that you can offer your clients.

I would recommend that you name up to 5 services along with a short description of each one. I would also recommend that you keep it short and to the point. The last thing that you want to do is to try and push too much information about your services in this section.

If you have more information on each of your services, then I would recommend that you get an additional page on your website just for that. You can also link to your services page within this section if your visitors want to learn more.

What makes your services better?

Your visitor has now reached the point where they will already know if you can fulfill their needs, but they will still be looking for more signals to help them decide if they should stay or go.

Here you need to tell or show them why they should use your services or products instead of that of your competition. If you have something notable, then I would recommend that you add it to your homepage.

Build trust with an about section. 

You can either dedicate this section to information about yourself or that of your company. If you can reveal to your customers that you understand the problems that they have and you can relate to them, then they will trust you more.

Your customers are not reading your “about section” to learn more about your life story, but to see if you are qualified to help them. For this section, an image and 2 to 3 paragraphs will do. Anything more than that will need its own page.

For instance, if you have a lot of images and information about your company, then I would recommend that you add an “about us” page to your website.

Create credibility and authority with testimonials.

Here is the thing.

You can talk about how effective you are and how you have helped clients all day long, but nothing works more powerfully than letting others do it for you. Written testimonials can work great, especially when they are accompanied by a photo.

Video testimonials work even better if you want to take it to the next level if you can get one of those. If you already have a google my business account with some reviews, then you can copy some of them over to your website.

You also have the option to add a Google reviews snippet directly from your Google My Business account, automatically displaying and updating your reviews with the help of my Starter Website Package.

Overcome objections on autopilot with an FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section.

Let people self-select if they are a good fit for your business. People are naturally going to have lots of questions about how you do business, and it is also natural for them to have a couple of objections.

The FAQ section is a fantastic tool to answer those common questions and resolve objections on autopilot. Think about the most common objections your customers might have and phrase them as questions supported with arguments as the answers.

Additional pages that you might need

Depending on the package that you choose from my services, you can add some of the following pages to your website. I have only included some of the most common and useful pages that most websites will have. You can add any page you want on your website.

Services or a Pricing Page

If you have more than one service or package, then you can easily display all of it on your services page. You can create a name for each service and all of the different packages that you want to include under it. You also have the option to include pricing tables, features, and benefits.

About Page

If you have a lot of images and information about your company, then I would highly recommend you put everything on an about page. You can also include information such as text and images about the team members of your business on your about page.

Testimonials and companies that you have worked with can also be added to your about page to help build trust.

Project pieces or a Portfolio page

Client success stories or case studies can be added to your project page, where you can talk about the success you had with some clients.

For more visual work, such as designers or contractors, you might want to add a portfolio page where you can add images of all the work that you have done for clients. This page will allow you to show your customers what you are capable of and to help build trust.

Contact us page

Finally, we can add a contact page that will include all of the information that your visitors might need in order to contact you. You can include the address of your business with a google maps snippet and information such as your phone number and email address.

A contact form can also be added where the customers can send you an email directly from your website.